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Bahr Alahlam Foodstuff Trading L.L.C

The company specializes in exclusive wholesale delivery,storage and distribution of Fruits and Vegetables.Our activities include distribution,merchandising and logistics in over 500+ Customers in UAE, India, Sri Lanka and Other Parts of middle east.The company Bahr Alahlam Foodstuff Trading L.L.C has a well experienced commercial and logistics team with the main distribution point at Central Fruits and Vegetable market, Dubai, UAE with the sales offices in wholesale area 1&2.

Fresh Look And Fresh Produce Direct From The Farms.

Our Vision & Mission

To be recognized as a pioneer leading supplier of fruits and vegetables in the region for high quality and good value products while sustaining a unique excellent services to our customers.

To continually supply,develop,produce and market a range of nutritious and highly qualified products as required by the market.To adopt a safe and environment friendly work practices across our business.

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